Dana Singiser VP for Public Policy and Government Relations for Planned Parenthood and Angel Padilla from Indivisible- January 23, 2018 show

Today Dana Singiser Vice President for Public Policy and Government Relations for Planned Parenthood joins me to talk Trump’s latest attempt to destroy Planned Parenthood. Plus Angel Padilla from Indivisible on Democrats not getting a DACA deal and the political fall out. My show is LIVE 6 to 9PM on SiriusXM Radio Ch 127.
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Karine Jean-Pierre the spokesperson forĀ Moveon.orgĀ and Democrat Congressional (NJ-7) candidate Goutam Jois – My January 22, 2018 show

Karine Jean-Pierre– the spokesperson for Moveon.org – joins me to talk the shutdown and the deal Chuck Schumer struck. Plus Democrat Goutam Jois who is running for Congress in New Jersey’s 7th Congressional district joins me to talk his campaign. My show is LIVE on SiriusXM Radio Ch 127 from 6 to 9PMET. Hope u tune in!
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For Trump, this time bankruptcy won’t get him out of a mess- My CNN article

When things are going this badly for Trump he typically files for bankruptcy. But this time Trump ca
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Trump owes every American Money! My new CNN article

Trump owes each and every American $$$ for dragging us into his horrible reality show. And worst of
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Trump’s new coin remakes US in his own gaudy image – my new CNN article

Moammar Gadhafi had his gold gun. Saddam Hussein boasted a gold toilet-paper dispenser. Now Trump ha
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