How do you survive Trumpsgiving?! We discuss on my show with SXM host Danielle Moodie-Mills, Never Trump Republican Evan Sigfried and psychologist (and my sister) Dawn Obeidallah Davis- Nov 22, 2017 show

How do you survive Trumpsgiving?! What do you do when your Trump loving cousin shows up at Thanksgiving wearing a Make America Great Again hat? Or what happens when progressive relatives stop eating and instead starting fighting over the 2016 Bernie-Hillary divide? We discuss that on my show today with progressive activist and SXM host …
Read More spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre and Angel Padilla of Indivisible – November 21, 2017 show

Today spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre joins me to discuss Trump admin’s heartless decision to end Temporary Protected Status for nearly 60,000 Haitians who are in US after massive earthquake devastated their home country. Also How do we stop the GOP’s #TaxScam that helps the wealthy and big corporations but screws over the rest of us?! …
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Trump’s despicable double standard on sexual misconduct is on display! – my new article

Trump’s despicable double standard on sexual misconduct is on display! He refuses to denounce
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Voters in Virginia sent a clear message that they reject Trump’s bigotry and racism. My new CNN article

In Virginia, a rejection of Trump’s bigoted playbook! My new CNN article on why Democrat Ralph
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Trump’s Bigotry Trickles Down in Virginia and New Jersey – my new Daily Beast article

Trump’s trickle down bigotry has come to the New Jersey and Virginia elections. Trump has now
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