Trump’s Despicable ban on Transgender Americans – July 26, 2017 show

On today’s show we talk Trump’s despicable ban on transgender Americans serving in US military and ways to counter it. I’ll be joined by former Obama admin official and former Dept of Justice lawyer in Civil Rights Division Roy Austin. Also Xorje Olivares will provide the LGBT community perspective on this ban. Then we talk …
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CNN’s co-host of New Day Alisyn Camerota joins me July 24, 2017

Jared Kushner got to speak to Senators today behind closed doors- yet Hillary Clinton had to testify for 11 hours on national TV about Benghazi. We discuss Kushner’s claim he didn’t conspire with the Russians. Plus CNN’s co-host of New Day Alisyn Camerota joins me to talk her new book “Amanda Wakes up.” And CNN …
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Sean Spicer should NOT be remembered for how SNL depicted him but for his lies- My CNN article

I wanted to share my new CNN article about when it was announced Friday Sean Spicer was resigning ma
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It looks like Trump can be indicted – NY Times

Must read NY Times article that cites from legal memo written by a conservative law professor appoin
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My Appearance 7/15/17 on CNN slamming Trump inspiring hate

“Go Meet & APOLOGIZE To The Communities You Demonized” I Wanted to share talking abo
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