Journalist David Cay Johnston, Former Obama State Dept official Nayyera Haq and MSNBC’s legal expert Danny Cevallos- May 28 show

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Tonight Pulitzer prize winning journalist David Cay Johnston is on my SiriusXM show to talk Trump setting the tone for people like his Secty of Transportation Elaine Chao profiting off her position. Former Obama State Dept official Nayyera Haq talks the why behind Trump publicly defending people like Kim Jong-Un and Vladimir Putin and what it means for 2020 election. Finally It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for “Law & Disorder” on my show with MSNBC’s legal expert Danny Cevallos–We talk the SCOTUS court decisions today, Clarence Thomas getting crushed by RBG and more. My show is LIVE on SiriusXM channel 127 from 6 to 9PMET