Freedom From Fox News

Freedom From Fox News!

Are you okay with paying $2 a month to pay the salary of Fox News hosts like Tucker Carlson who has spewed white nationalist hate?!  This is the same Tucker Carlson who has defended the Jan 6 terrorists who attacked our Capitol and claimed Jan 6 was some type of “False flag” operation orchestrated by the FBI.

What about paying the salary of Fox News anchors and contributors who have spewed documented lies and misinformation about Covid and the vaccine.  For example, as Media Matters has detailed, this past summer in just a two week period, nearly 60 percent of the segments airing on the network were designed to undermine the vaccine in the midst of a deadly surge in cases.

Well if you subscribe to cable television you are paying the salary of people like Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and others. Why? Simple, Fox News makes a large percentage of its revenue from cable subscription fees—not commercials.  Each cable subscriber is paying nearly $2 a month to Fox News. As Media Matters has noted, “Fox News makes approximately $1.8 billion per year from hidden subscriber fees–twice as much as CNN and three times as much as MSNBC.”

In the past people have asked cable providers to drop Fox News. This campaign is not asking the big cable companies to stop broadcasting Fox News. it’s simply ending you and I paying for right wing propaganda, white nationalism and deadly misinfo about Covid. In fact by paying for Fox News to spew this dangerous information, we are arguably complicit.

That’s why we must demand cable companies to offer us cable packages where we are not paying for Fox News to spew hate. The cable companies already offer numerous other packages—one without Fox News is easy for them to do.

This is about freedom. In fact for many of us this is about religious liberty because our faiths demand that we don’t support bigotry, hate and anything that will kill people—all of that is Fox News.

Call your cable company and ask them to offer you a cable package that does not include Fox News. If they refuse, you could deduct $2 a month from your bill in the hopes that causes them to change their policies. Or of course you can simply end your cable subscription. Given that cable subscriptions are dropping – down 7% from 2020—losing cable subscribers is a very real concern of cable companies.

Fox News has made a business decision to spew white nationalism, propaganda and deadly lies about Covid. We should not be paying to do that. It’s time for our Freedom From Fox News.

Call your cable company today!